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Pupil Premium

We are mindful as a leadership team at JCFS that we receive funding of £1,320 per year for pupils currently eligible and those for six years afterwards.

All pupils in each class and cohort are known to the staff and leadership team and their needs are carefully assessed and the services we provide are bespoke to those pupils. Annually we make plans for those pupils and evaluate the impact through personal, social and emotional needs in addition to academic attainment and progress.


The funding is used in the following ways:

1. Provision of nurture support one to one or small groups;

2. Provision of coaching and counselling one to one or small groups;

3. Extra one to one reading opportunities;

4. Funding of on line education support programs;

5. Support for families through signposting extra services;

6. Funding educational visits;

7. Funding school uniform and other resources;

8. Funding school meals (KS2 only)

9. Intervention programmes for short term support;

10. Extension programmes for the more able and gifted;

11. Provision of an inclusion team and qualified teacher.

Impact of Pupil Premium spend for 2015 / 2016

There is no significant different in the performance of pupils in receipt of pupil premium when compared with all other children in Year R and Year 1 as the only age group in school for that year.

2016 / 2017 Pupil Premium Pupil Numbers

EYFS Reception Year      11 pupils

Primary Year 1                 9 pupils

Primary Year 2                  6 pupils 

TOTAL Funding              £34,320