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Welcome to Seals Class!

Monday 4th February 2019- Today, we took a visit to the library in school. All the children loved picking out a book and reading it with their book buddy. We then read a story as a class- fabulous afternoon!

Week beginning 7th January 2019- This Week Seals Class have been exploring money. We have been investigating the different coins and how many coins make up 10p-20p. We played shops to explore our knowledge!

Wednesday 6th December- Today, in Seals Class we created our own safari animals. We used different techniques to create the features of our animals. This was an enjoyable afternoon for all!

Tuesday 27th November 2018- This afternoon, Seals Class enjoyed making collages. We used different materials and animal prints to create amazing collages! We all loved this activity!

Monday 19th November 2018- Today, Seals class were exploring with left and right. The children worked in groups of four. One child gave instructions involving moving to the left or right, i.e. stamp with your left foot. The other children had to follow these instructions. Each child had a turn at giving the instructions.

Wednesday 24th October 2018 - In theme we have continued to think about industries in Apsley and how they used the canal to move their materials between London and Birmingham. We then looked at how the barges and things on them were decorated.

Week beginning 15/10/18- We have all had a fantastic week! We used toilet tissue and water to make our own paper. All the children thoroughly enjoyed this!

Welcome to Seals Class!

Week beginning 8/10/10- Seals class have enjoyed writing about their aspirations. The children were feeling relaxed during yoga.

This week we have been looking a medieval panels that are in a house in Potten End, we had a go at creating our own medieval panel inspired by these. We used pastels and experimented with blending them. In maths, we have been exploring doubling numbers to 20.