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Year Two

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The children in these classes are in the second year of the Key Stage One programme of study which ends in July following their Standard Assessment Tasks (SATs).


You can contact the Year Two teachers by emailing:

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Owls and Puffins will be adding regular updates about their learning to this page. Enjoy!



In Theme we’ve been Learning about Sebastian Coe. He was born in 1956 and he helped to get the Olympics to London in 2012.” Mia – Owls Class

“We have been changing a story to a different sequence and writing it in paragraphs.” Ava – Owls Class

“In art we’ve been learning about Vincent Van Gough. WE made drawings like him like the ‘Starry night’. We used pastels.” Ishvaa – Owls Class

“In maths we’ve done add and takeaway. Sometimes we use our fingers and sometimes we use a number line” Christian – Puffins Class

“Today in PE we were running to do races, we were aiming things to throw and we did the long jump.” Amelia – Puffins Class


Along side all of this, we have been reviewing and learning some of our common exception words - door, floor, only, most and climb.


Within Literacy this week, we are continuing to focus on ‘Jim and the Beanstalk’ and planning our own Sequels. This week we are ensuring we understand different elements that need to be included such as speech and use of different and interesting adjectives. The children will then use this next week when they write up their sequels.


In maths we have moved on to learning about measurement and understanding that different units of measurement are used to measure a range of objects. Yesterday we started with ensuring that the children are using rulers accurately in order to read and record the correct measurements. It is important to remember that we do not line up the edge of the ruler with the object – we line it up with the 0!


Our theme learning has allowed us to explore and understand more about Queen Elizabeth and her family. We then used this to create individual family trees. The children will also get to create a class documentary with key facts about the Queen!


Our spelling rule this week: the ‘j’ sound spelt with a ‘g’ or ‘j’. For example – jar, magic, gem, jacket.


Today in maths we have been looking at missing number problems. Here is a rhyme we say to help us with finding the missing numbers:

Missing number at the beginning,

do the inverse and you’re winning!


Missing number in the middle,

use subtraction with a fiddle!


Missing number at the end,

that’s easy my friend!


Start of a new week and we are working very hard, in literacy, maths and spelling; No rest for our year 2's! We did have fun in our fit 4 fun session though.


This week in spelling we are looking at the sound /j/ spelt with ‘-dge’ and ‘-ge’ at the end of words

badge, edge, bridge, dodge, fudge, age, huge, change, charge, village


If you would like to practice your spellings then feel free to get your children completing look, cover, write, check activities or writing sentences using the spelling words.


Also this afternoon we have had a fantastic time designing and making our own space rockets, so thankyou all for sending in junk modelling resources. :)


We have been studying 'Significant People' as our theme topic. Over the term we are learning about numerous iconic people of the past and understanding the impact they have made to our world. This week we have been studying about Neil Armstrong and his mission to the Moon.


We had a fantastic time using our new resource 'NOW, PRESS, PLAY' where the children use the headphone equipment for an interactive experience. We imagined we were Neil Armstrong and followed his journey from a young boy; interested in aviation, to becoming the first man on the moon.

We also wrote letters to NASA to persuade them to choose us as their new astronauts.


If you want to please feel free to take the time to investigate another interesting explorer and create a fact file/ power point. We have now covered both Amelia Earhart and Neil Armstrong. Who else has found new worlds or been the first to accomplish a mission?


We have had a very busy week and can't believe that we are now half way through the first term!

Literacy this week has allowed us to move on to a new focus book and explore our writing in a different way. The children have read 'Jim and the Beanstalk' and used a variety of techniques to understand the text and also predict what may happen next. For example - we used freeze frames to capture key events and 'thought-tapping' to vocalise what each character may be thinking at that time.

The children have also recorded their own happy, or not-so happy endings for each event using out coordinating conjunction 'but'.

In maths we have been looking at inverse operations and patterns in numbers. 

Inverse operations

8 + 4 = 12

The inverse would change the addition operation to subtraction, using the numbers we already have, so:

12 - 4 = 8 and 12 - 8 = 4

Pattern in numbers

We used small number calculations to help us with larger numbers.

When looking at the following calculation:

60 + 30 =

We discussed that the numbers are quite large and it wouldn't be suitable to use a number line or pictures to find the answer...So we used the tens!

We can easily solve

6 + 3 = 9 so this tells us that 60 + 30 = 90

The children even went on to tell us that it also means that

600 + 300 = 900 and 6000 + 3000 = 9000





This week we have focused on many new concepts including symmetry, sorting shapes, retelling stories and finding definitions for new words in guided reading.

“We’ve being doing the Goldilocks sequel. It’s about what happens when Goldilocks grows up.” – Emily, Owls.


“We learned about ‘Significant people’ and Amelia Earhart. Amelia Earhart was a pilot and she wanted to be the first woman to go across the Atlantic Ocean.” – Ishvaa, Owls


“We have been learning about shapes. I know we have been sorting shapes into groups. We’ve been putting lines in them and seeing if it is the same on each side. It is called symmetry.” – Ethan, Puffins.


This week we have made a great start to our reading comprehension focus. 

Every week the children will read a different text and answer questions relating directly to it. Yesterday was only retrieval - like a dog fetching a ball - you go back to the text to find the answer and bring it back to record on your paper!

For more information about reading comprehension and how you can help your child with it, please follow this link:




What a great first full week back we have had!

This week in maths we have focused on addition and subtraction and thought carefully about how to solve each. When looking at addition we concluded that it can be solved with either number first but it is easier to have the larger number first. With subtraction we learnt that it helps us to find the difference between numbers. Throughout the year we will look at different ways to solve calculations so the children can use the method they find easiest.


In Literacy we have been focusing on 'Goldilocks'. We have looked at 2 different versions and compared their features. The children then had the opportunity to rite the story from a different point of view, thinking carefully about the feelings of a given character. 


Next week we will be starting our new theme - Significant People.

We are very excited to teach your children about a range of inspirational people and use our new immersive learning tool, Now Press Play.