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Year 3

Year Three

Key Stage Two

The children in these classes are in the first year of the National Curriculum Key Stage Two Programme of Study which covers a four year period.


You can contact the Year Three teachers by emailing:

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Swans and Ducks will be adding regular updates about their learning to this page. Enjoy!



What a fun Friday with a very special visit to Santa's Grotto! The children had a fun time and were on their best behaviour.


This week we have been learning the 8 times tables and linking this to what we already know about the 2 and the 4 times tables. Next week we will be introducing time and looking at reading clocks with roman numerals and telling the time to the exact minute. Then we will move on to timelines. In Literacy the children are enjoying the new book 'The Tear Thief' and have been doing some persuasive writing. Next week we will continue to base our writing around the story and the children will be doing an independent piece of writing all about meeting the 'Tear Thief'. Have a lovely weekend.



This week in Literacy we have been writing a diary entry pretending we were Sophie in the BFG, we then typed up our fantastic pieces of writing. In maths we have been learning the four times tables and figuring out some word problems. Next week we will be starting our new book for Literacy called The Tear Thief and thinking of some questions to predict what the book might be about. In maths we will continue to look at counting in 2s, 4s and 8s.

Swans class



This morning in Literacy we have been thinking about the BFG and are going to be writing our very own diary entry from Sophie's point of view. In maths we have started to work on our four times tables.

Lily G & Seb - Swans



In Swans we have been learning about Albert Einstein and researching on Ipads to find out information about him. We turned the facts we had been learning into a quiz! In Literacy we were writing descriptions about the BFG after starting to read the book this term. We used these descriptions for a 'Wanted' poster.

Stanil & Archie - Swans



Have a wonderful half term Year 3!



In Swan class we use the compliments jar to send kind messages to each other. The messages are a complete surprise as children do not write who they are from. We have filled a whole jar with kind messages and will be sending these home this week. Being kind and friendly and respectful is really important in our class!

Riley - Swans



This is our new certificate system. The children will first work through all the multiplications before moving onto division, mixed calculations and finally the platinum times table grid. Continue to practice all multiplications and the corresponding division calculations  at home as this will support their learning in school.






Times table grid


x1 x2 x5 x10

Bronze Gladiator

Silver Gladiator

Gold Gladiator





x3 x4 x8 x11

Bronze Warrior

Silver Warrior



x6 x7 x9 x12

Bronze Titan

Silver Titan

Gold Titan




What a great assembly Duck's class! Thank you for sharing your learning with us. This week all the children have been completing assessments in their maths lessons and have been working hard to gain their certificates in the multiplications. Keep practising these at home!



We have been having lots of discussions this week about manners, respect and our behaviour. Year 3 are role models to our younger students and should always be setting great examples of behaviour inside the school and out at playtime. We are talking lots about showing respect by working well together in groups, listening to what others have to say and by speaking with kind words to friends. Remember good manners cost nothing!



Yesterday our grandparents came in and we read to them. We have learnt that there are a 1000g in 1kg.

Charlie - Swans



This week Year 3 have been writing some fantastic poems and haikus. They got the chance to type these up and have been reading these to each other in the class. Next week we will be moving onto our new book to study in literacy 'The Heart and the Bottle'. In maths we have been re-capping fractions and finding a fraction of an amount or a fraction of a shape such as a half or quarter. Next week we will be learning about mass and talking about grams and kilograms.



We have been  learning the 3 times tables. In literacy we have been describing Leon from The Place Between.

Freddie & Matthew - Swans




The children have spent the week writing a re-tell of the class book. They have been carefully editing and improving their own work using the purple pen. Both classes have been learning different ball skills in P.E. with Swans practising their netball skills. This week music has started and the children have enjoyed learning brass instruments.



In maths I did multiplication calculations and on the whiteboard I learnt about 3D shapes. 

Christopher - Ducks



This week we have been looking at the book 'Leon and the Place Between'. Our Literacy work has been looking at different grammar used within the story such as adjectives, adverbs and fronted adverbials. In maths we have been recapping place value and adding/subtracting two and three digit numbers. The children have been thinking about belonging and our school values. We have been talking lots about what it means to be kind and how our actions can have an impact on others. Swan class enjoyed taking part in the Roald Dahl drawing activity!