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Year 4

Year Four

Key Stage Two

The children in these classes are in the second year of the National Curriculum Key Stage Two Programme of Study which covers a four year period.


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Woodpeckers and Kingfishers will be adding regular updates about their learning to this page. Enjoy!

Friday 7th December


This week in Maths we have been learning different ways of setting out multiplication calculations. We were practising the expanded grid method.

In Literacy we have been practising our descriptive writing and explanation writing. We had to remember to use expanded noun phrases, possessive apostrophes, prepositions and fronted adverbials.  

Expanded noun phrase - the large, mechanical rubbish truck with a flashing, warning light on top

Possessive apostrophe - the truck's ejector

Prepositions - on top, inside, on the back

Fronted adverbial - As quick as a flash, Later that day,


Julian & Lily

Friday 30th November 2018

Austin: "Today in Art we create a Winter scence - we had a a piece of paper and we were tapping our fingers against the paint brush with paint on it so it spread across our paper."

Maisy : "This was in the style of Jackson Pollock!"


Arahn: "I have really enjoyed writing about our new Literacy text, 'Until I met Dudley'. We have been learning about how daily objects in our lives work. We had to use conjunctions, fronted adverbials, adjectives, and prepositions to make interesting noun phrases and sentences."


Preposition: Tells you where something is, e.g. above, beside, below  (Robert)

Fronted adverbial: These always go at the beginning of a sentence  and are followed by a comma. They are words like first, next, lastly, happily, unnecessarily (Austin)

Conjunctions - these can be coordinating or subordinating.

Coordinating conjunctions - and, for, nor, yet, so

Subordinating conjunctions - while, when, but, becauseSw


Maths - Finley "We have been learning all of our times tables this week. My trickiest one is my 7s!"

Swimming - Scarlett "This week we had a fire alarm during swimming which gave us all a headache! We also completed a swimming test."


Monday 26th November 2018

Theme - What makes bread rise?

" I found out that when you mix yeast and sugar in warm water it produces bubbles and a gas named carbon dioxide. To test if the gas was carbon dioxide and not oxygen, we let the gas out over a flame. If it was oxygen the flame would have got bigger but instead the flame blew out completely, so we knew it was carbon dioxide."


"Yeast produces carbon dioxide which causes the bread to rise because the bubbles go into the dough."


Wednesday 21st November

In Theme this week, we have designed our very own healthy sandwich. The children needed to think carefully about healthy ingredients to include in their sandwich. They needed to use imperative verbs (to command), sequencing adverbs (to tell us when to do the actions), and conjunctions to add further detail.


In Literacy,  we have planned and begun to write our very own sequel to the class text, FArTHER.  We have thought carefully about interesting fronted adverbials to open each part of our story. We have also thought about interesting vocabulary we can use to make our stories more interesting.


In Maths, we have continued learning about decimals, applying our knowledge to mass (weight). We have practiced converting kilograms into grams, rounding decimal masses to whole numbers and estimating mass.



Friday 16th November

This morning, Woodpeckers had their class assembly. It went really well and all hard work practicing paid off!

This afternoon, we were tasting different breads. We tasted Warburton's fruit loaf, milk roll, wholemeal and toastie.

Austin: "I thought the toastie bread was soft. I liked it and gave it 5/5."

Amalia: "I liked the fruit loaf because it was tasty. 5/5"

Noah: "I didn't like the fruit loaf because it tasted sour and the raisins felt weird. 0/5"


Scarlett "I enjoyed swimming this week because we worked in partners getting a hoop from underwater. It was fun!"

Maisy "I liked swimming because we had to get some sinkers."

Sophie "I liked doing maths. We were changing decimals into fractions. It was a little bit tricky - but in the end it was fine!"

Daniella "I really loved literacy because we got to describe our flying machines and how they work."

Tulah: "I liked maths because we got to practice rounding numbers up and down."


Wednesday 14th November

As we reach the mid point for this week, the children have learnt so much.

In Maths, they have been learning all about decimal numbers. The children have solidified understanding of rounding and applied this to numbers with one decimal place. We will finish the week by applying our learning to word based maths problems.

In Literacy, the children have sequenced the story and written a diary entry!

Friday 9th November

It has been a busy week in Year 4.


In Maths we have further developed our skills using the column method to solve addition problems.

In Literacy, we have closely analysed the language within our new text, FArTHER. We thought carefully about our likes, dislikes, puzzles (things we wonder further about) and made connections with the text and other books we have read.

In Theme, we have continued to learn about food. We learnt of the history of Warburtons - did you know they began as a family grocers in Bolton in 1876?


Monday 5th November

What a start back to school!

In Literacy, we have begun a new text FArTHER. We discussed our own dreams and ambitions and predicted what might happen in the story, just from looking at the front cover.

In Maths, we practiced our mental addition skills, using known number facts to help us without writing a more formal method down.

In Theme, we all came together as a year group to discuss our half term baking achievements! We shared our recipes and even got to taste some of the food!


Thursday 25th October

Noah: "Today in the diving pit I practiced jumping into the pool! It enjoyed it because it was so deep I nearly reached the bottom."

Scarlett: "Today in swimming my group practiced swimming backwards. We had to remember to keep our chin upwards and keep kicking!"

Arahn: "My group were practicing breast stroke kicking on our front and back. We had to practice using penguin feet from inwards to outwards - heels in, toes out! Keep practicing!"

Austin: "I enjoyed maths this week - we were solving 2 step problems using column addition and subtraction."

Robert: "In Literacy we finished making our leaflets. We had to put lots of diagrams and description."


Wednesday 24th October

Today we learnt about the Hindu gods and goddesses. Here are some facts.

Robert: "Brahma is the god who created the universe. He has four heads, four arms and usually sits on a flower."

Lacey: "Vishnu is the preserver of the universe - this means he looks after it. He is often riding a mythical bird Garuda and is blue with four arms!"

Ignacy: "Shiva is the god of destruction and creation. He has a snake around his neck."


Monday 22nd October 2018

Year 4 have started a new theme called Food, Glorious Food! Today they got to test autumnal fruit and vegetables. It may surprise you to know that everyone tasted apples, blackberries, swede, sprouts, broccoli and cauliflower! I think some children even surprised themselves, as sprouts turned out to be quite popular. The children had to think of different words to describe them. 

Picture 1
Picture 2
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Picture 4

Friday 19th October

"In Swimming we practised dolphin kicks. We also practised swimming on our back." Evie

"In Maths this week we completed checkpoints - it was pretty fun." Julian.


Thursday 18th October 2018

In Woodpeckers, we have continued learning how to code the Ohbots! Today we looked at how to make our Ohbot blink, nod and shake its head like a human would! We also logged into Duolingo and practised our Spanish!


In Kingfishers, we have started a new topic in Science - Our Changing World. The class looked at leaves and their different characteristics; stalk or no stalk, simple or compound, leaf edges and leaf arrangement. After they had investigated outside, the children had to draw and label these characteristics.


Picture 1

Wednesday 17th October 2018

Thank you to all who attended our Harvest Festival assembly yesterday! The children have worked incredibly hard this term to learn poems and songs to share with you. We hope you enjoyed the performance. :)


The children have made real progress creating leaflets explaining the life cycle of a plant! So far they have explained the process of germination, growth (light and water) and pollination. We will continue to explain fertilisation and seed dispersal.


Monday 15th October 2018

In Spanish today the children are taking control of their own learning. They have been learning new words - bebo, aqui, nesecito, agua, niño, tengo, por favor. Ask us what they mean!

Picture 1


Wow! What a Principal's Award Assembly we had this week. Lots of Year 4 children were awarded Pen Licences or received times table awards.


As we are ever improving our teaching and learning, we have adapted our times table scheme to recgonise the importance of learning all multiplication tables up to 12, before then using this knowledge to secure understanding of division and missing number. This has meant a lot of children have now gone home with a Bronze Warrior, Gladiator or even a Titan award this week.


In Literacy we have looked at the theme of change present in our class text, Varmints. We have then explored the growth of plants. The children have learnt the life cycle of plants, including,  germination, growth, pollination, fertilisation and seed dispersal. We shall be returning to this next week as we create leaflets explaining the care of plants.


In Computing in Woodpeckers, we have begun to code our new Ohbots! They run on a program very similar to Scratch and the children have been very excited to program the various parts of our robot to move.



In maths this week, we have been learning coordinates. We had to figure out where all of the agents had gone by using a coordinate grid. To remember which axis was first we had to say, "Along the corridor and up the stairs." So it is the x axis first and then the y axis.


Picture 1


The Viking Day photos are available to view now!

"I loved the Viking day because my favourite activity was making candles from bees wax!" Sophie

"My favourite activity was we made ugly faces out of clay to scare the elves away!" Victor

"I liked it when we made medicine. We had to get ingredients and mash them up and put them in a small tissue to smell." Robert

"I liked making Viking pots out of clay" Isabel


Maths: "In Maths this week, we have learning about fractions. We learnt about halves and quarters. We learnt about unit and non-unit fractions. Unit fractions always have a 1 as the numerator. Non-unit fractions always have a number bigger than one as their numerator." Luyanda


Literacy: "In Literacy this week, we started reading a new book - Varmints. The word 'varmints' means pest. We watched a short film based on the book." Kayleigh.


Harvest Festival: "This week we have been learning our songs in music. We have also practiced reading a poem." Amalia


Today is National Poetry Day. We are sharing our favourite poems in assembly this afternoon.

Click here to hear Mrs Waggeh's favourite:


"This week in Kingfishers we have been learning about how sound travels through molecules. The further you go away from the source of the sound, the quieter it gets until it eventually disappears.

We have been writing a story similar to The Iron Man just with different characters and slightly different events.  We had to try and build suspense by using short sentences, lots of commas and questions."

Ryan H


In Woodpeckers, we have had success creating our educational maths games on Scratch! The children have worked hard to create and use variables to keep track of their scores and ask randomly generated multiplication questions. They then spent the afternoon testing each other's games and suggesting improvements.


​​​​​​Swimming: What a success! All of the children gave their swimming lesson their very best this week and it was wonderful to see their confidence growing in the water.


Literacy: We have created an alternative character for the Iron Man! We then developed this further using a 'story mountain', considering the problem our character would cause, the semi-solution and its failure, and final resolution.


Maths: The children have really enjoyed learning about symmetry this week. We finished the week, looking at how to use reflection to create simple repeating patterns.


Woodpeckers have been learning how to create and code their own educational interactive game on Scratch using Computing. We learnt how to create variables and use the 'repeat' block to simplify our coding.


Kingfishers have continued exploring sound during Science. They have created 'ear bangers' using wire clothes hangers and explored how the sound can travel through string.


Spanish: This week we recapped greetings and responses.


We have been learning all about symmetry this week! The children have explored identfying lines of symmetry, reflecting shapes and creating simple patterns using reflections.


The children are very excited as we draw closer to the end of The Iron Man! Today we read all about the Iron Man's challenge of strength against the Bat-Lizard-Space-Dragon. The children thought carefully about how both characters felt and created a storyboard to demonstrate this.


Year 4 have had an incredibly fun afternoon using the Now Press Play headsets. The children  pretended that they were Anglo-Saxons and were taken back in time to when the Vikings invaded. They used their listening skills plus their imagination to really get the most out of this experience. Photographs will be added to our pages later this week.


As we enter our third week of term, it is wonderful to reflect on how much learning has already occurred. The children have approached Year 4 with great enthusiasm and are settling well to the routines and expectations.


In Literacy, we have begun reading Ted Hughes ‘The Iron Man.’ The children have studied the text in detail to explore how the author creates suspense (a feeling of anxiety or uncertainty about something unknown about to happen or become known). They have summarised the plot so far, and predicted what will happen next. This week, we will continue to explore the use of imagery within The Iron Man and use this within our own poetry.


In Maths, we have strengthened our understanding of place value in up to 4 digit numbers. We have developed our mental arithmetic using the bridging method to add or subtract without using more formal written methods. (See picture for an example piece of work)


In Theme, we have explored ‘Belonging’. We have worked in our new classes to create a class charter, explored what it means to belong and the groups we belong to. This week, we begin our new Theme, Vikings and Anglo-Saxons. We will learn when and where the Vikings came from, and their impact on the UK.


The children have also had a very successful first Swimming lesson at Hemel Hempstead Leisure Centre! We are very much looking forward to returning next Thursday.




Welcome to the Year 4 blog! Kingfishers and Woodpeckers will be adding regular updates about their learning to this page. Enjoy!