Jupiter Community Free School

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Arts Week Theme

Monday 6th February 1.00 to 1.30 pm

I attended my second learning walk of the year this week to allow me to gain more insight into how the thematic learning deepens and enriches the learning experience for the children. I arrived at school in time to sit in the assembly where Mrs Holmes was introducing the children to the theme for art week which is Pop Art; it was wonderful to see how excited the children got as they were shown the different art styles they would be trying throughout the week.


Following the assembly the children were split into their house groups and then led by the teaching staff to the classroom they would be working in. I was able to visit each of the 6 house groups to see all of the different art activities going on. I was amazed at the art that was being created in many different mediums from clay (some very realistic looking model food was produced!) and paint through to digital art on the computers. There was a real air of excitement within the school and it was clear the children were really enjoying what they were doing.


This was my first time seeing all of the different ages working together and it was wonderful to see how well they were interacting and supporting each other during the activities, it was good to be able to observe the older children helping younger children and it gave me a real sense of the community spirit that is running through the school. I came away from the learning walk with a real sense of how much the children will get out of being immersed in a subject for the week and I look forward to seeing all of the wonderful art that will have been created by the children this week.

Kirstian North Chair of Governing Body