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Autumn Term One

Autumn Term One


Every day the children take part in a 30-minute Phonics lesson where they will be developing the following skills:

Name Writing (full name)

Phase 2 sounds: Set 1, 2, 3, 4 (s,a,t,p, i,n,m,d ,g,o,c,k, ck,e,u,r)

Tricky Words: I, no, go, the, to, into

HF Words: a, an, as, if, in.



Every day the children take part in a 30 minute Maths lesson where they will be developing the following skills:


Strand 1 - Counting and understanding number

  • Say and use number names in order in familiar contexts.

  • Recognise numerals 0 to 9.

  • Know that numbers identify how many objects are in a set.

  • Count reliably up to 10 everyday objects.

  • Estimate how many objects they use and check by counting.

  • Ensure correct numeral writing 0 – 9.


    Strand 2 Knowing and using number facts

  • Observe number relationships and patterns in the environment and use to derive facts.

  • Count reliably up to 10 everyday objects

  • Ensure correct numeral writing 0 – 9

  • Exploring 1 more and one less from a given number of objects and relating to everyday life.


    Strand 4 Understanding Shape

  • Use familiar objects and common shapes to create and recreate patterns and build models.


    Strand 5 Measurement money

  • Recognising coins and their value.

  • Buying objects and comparing prices.


    Strand 5 Measuring Mass and capacity.

  • Exploring full, half full and empty when using liquids.




    On Wednesdays the children will be learning about rhythm and pitch and will practice copying sounds made by others.

    They also learn to sing as a group and perform in front of a public following the music and using appropriate tone and volume.



    In Badgers we will be doing PE every Thrusday. Please ensure your child comes to school with all jewellery removed and their hair tied back if it is longer than shoulder length.

    This half term the children will be developing their dancing and spatial awareness skills in a series of lessons. We will be performing dynamic dances to contemporary music and yoga.




    Theme lessons are taught in the afternoons. The children's Literacy and Maths learning continues but mostly the children will complete learning from four main areas:

    Communication and Language

    Understanding the world - (Geography, History, Science and Technology)

    Expressive Arts and Design

    Personal, Social and Emotional Development

    This half term the theme will be All About Me. During theme learning sessions the children will complete activities such as drawing, painting and creating someone in their family and thinking and talking about their favourite part of their school and school day. They will also have the opportunity to use technology (iPads and cameras) in these sessions.



    The children will be taking part in a half an hour Spanish learning lesson every week. Over the course of this half term they will have an introduction to Spanish phonics, simple greetings.



    Every week the children will be taking part in a half an hour RE lesson. This half term they will be learning about the celebrations different faiths have.


    Curiosity Afternoon

    Every Tuesday afternoon the children take part in activities that will improve their scientific inquiry and investigation skills. The children will carry out activities such as exploring the school grounds, investigating different materials, taking photos and voice recordings using ICT equipment and using different tools to colour mix and paint in art.