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Autumn Term Two

Autumn Term Two



Phase 2 sounds: Set 5 (h, b, f/ff, l/ll, ss)

Phase 3 sounds: j, v, w, x, y, z/zz, qu, ch, sh, th, ng

HF Words: of, off, can, dad, had, back, and, get, big, him, his, not, got, up, mum, but

Blending and Segmenting Words

Beginning to write sentences

On a Friday, the children’s Literacy lesson will take the format of a Big Phonics and Big Write session. This is where the children recap their phonics learning in a quick paced, interactive activity and then complete a piece of independent writing.



Every day the children take part in a 30 minute Maths lesson where they will be developing the following skills:

Strand 1 Counting and understanding number

Say and use number names in order in familiar contexts.

Recognise numerals 0 to 9.

Know that numbers identify how many objects are in a set.

Count reliably up to 10 everyday objects.

Estimate how many objects they use and check by counting.

Use language such as more or less to compare two numbers.

Use ordinal numbers in different contexts.

Count aloud in ones, twos, fives and tens.

Strand 2 Knowing and using number facts

Exploring 1 more and one less from a given number of objects and relating to everyday life.

Developing number facts as we gain one more eg 1 becomes 2 2 becomes 3 etc,

Developing number facts as we have one less 10 becomes 9 etc.

Find one more or one less than a number from 1 to 10.

Strand 4 Understanding Shape

Use familiar objects and common shapes to create and recreate patterns and build models.

Use language such as ‘circle’ or ‘bigger’ to describe shape and size of solids and flat shapes.

Use everyday words to describe position.

Name common 2’d’ shapes and their properties

Strand 5 Measuring time

Knowing significant times of the day.

Understanding days of the weeks and beginning to understand months of the year.

Strand 5 Measuring Length

Exploring height and length in terms of longer than, shorter than and the same length as.

Children are taught height refers to standing objects otherwise we use length.

On a Friday, the children’s Maths lesson will take the format of a Big Maths session. This is a brisk pace activity that aims to recap their mathematical learning so far and improve their mental arithmetic skills.



On Wednesdays the children will be learning songs in preparation for the Christmas performance. They will be learning how to project their voice and perform to an audience.



In Rabbits we will be doing PE every Wednesday. Please ensure your child comes to school with all jewellery removed and their hair tied back if it is longer than shoulder length.

This half term the children will be taking part in gymnastics lessons were they will explore how to use space and travel in a variety of ways.



Every half term the children look closely at a virtue to develop some of their behaviour traits. In this half term the children will be learning how to be resilient. This virtue will be discussed in their PSE lessons and will also be rewarded in the Principals Awards Assembly on Friday mornings.



Theme lessons are taught in the afternoons. The children's Literacy and Maths learning continues but mostly the children will complete learning from four main areas:

Communication and Language

Understanding the world - (Geography, History, Science and Technology)

Expressive Arts and Design

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

This half term the theme will be Nursery Rhymes. During theme learning sessions the children will complete activities such as creating puppets from some well know children’s nursery rhymes, role playing and acting. They will also get to draw in felt tips their own Humpty Dumpty., creating a well using clay and a spider with junk materials. Finally we will be consolidating our learning making a big mural and cooking jam tarts.



The children will be taking part in a half an hour Spanish learning lesson every week. Over the course of this half term the children will be learning the numbers and the colours and how to name objects in the classroom. They will also continue to practice greetings

Classroom vocabulary: Puerta (door) Pizarra (board) profesora (teacher) amigos (friends) lapiz (pencil) papel (paper).



Every week the children will be taking part in a half an hour RE lesson. This half term the children will be learning about the Christian festival of Christmas and the meanings it has for Christian people.


Curiosity Afternoon

Every Thursday afternoon the children take part in activities that will improve their scientific inquiry and investigation skills. The children will carry out activities such as cookery, investigating light sources, programming and controlling technology equipment and using different tools to create pictures and still life drawings.