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18.05.2022  Welcome to the first ever entry of the Year 1 Blog! 

This blog will be updated every Wednesday. Please also take some time to look at our class photos which are available under separate tabs.


This week in Literacy, we have continued to learn all about biographies! We have learnt lots of interesting facts about the Queen and written our very own biography on Queen Elizabeth II.  Luca told us “I enjoyed writing about the Queen because we  wrote a lot, and writing keeps me calm. We had to include full stops, finger spaces, headings and subheadings and the pictures needing writing underneath!”  We are going to be interviewing Mr Murray


In Maths, we have begun to learn about fractions! We have explored how to make halves, splitting a whole into two equal parts – we practiced this with bread! We have looked at identifying half of shapes, before finding half of amounts! James told us: “We halved things, halves means there is two of them and if you mix them together it makes a whole!”


Our afternoon learning has been all around Art Week! So far, we have really enjoyed spending the afternoons with other children from our Teams, Water, Fire, Earth and Air! We have explored lots of different art activities around celebrating the Jubilee – creating prints to make new stamps, using clay to create a clay bust, making Buckingham castle out of Lego and working as a group to create a huge collage of the Queen! Sophia “I enjoyed building a lego castle of the Queen’s house”. Ebonie “I enjoyed doing my clay, I had to make a sculpture of the Queen. I had to make a little stand to make it hold the head”.


Next week will be our final week of this half term – it feels like it has come around very quickly! In Literacy, will write our final ‘hot write’ biography showcasing all our writing skills we have learnt this term. We will then apply our Computing learning this term to share our biographies in digital form! In Maths, we will continue to look at fractions using practical resources to help us. 


Finally, we will celebrate the end of half term with a school wide Jubilee party in the field, Friday 27th May from 1pm. We really look forward to seeing you there!