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Jupiter Primary School

...for a better future


Jupiter has at its heart the promotion of well-being, the rights, responsibilities, knowledge, skills and opportunities that will enable the young people in our care to be valuable and productive members of society. The world is changing rapidly and the 21st century presents all of us, and especially the rising generations, with an array of amazing opportunities, but also complex ecological, social and economic challenges.  We have a duty to prepare them for the world that they will meet.


Education for Social Responsibility (ESR), an overarching principle which permeates all aspects of Jupiter’s curriculum, co-curricular activity and resource management. ESR guides school development towards equipping young people with the skills, creativity and behaviours to be successful at school and in their lives in the future.


ESR has, at its core, 6 elements that enables all schools to address their approach to sustainability and social responsibility in the provision of learning opportunities for children and in their management of resources.  These elements can be taken in their entirety or individually, allowing us to reflect on our current practice and plan more effectively.  These elements are:


  • Well-Being
  • Rights
  • Responsibility
  • Knowledge
  • Intelligent Behaviours
  • Opportunity


These 6 elements can be taken singly or as a whole; can be combined or otherwise inter-linked and used to enable schools to ask the question: “What’s the purpose of education?” 


We utilise the EYFS & National Curriculum as the foundation of our curriculum.  We adapt these and enhance our provision with resources to ensure that we sustain a broad, balanced and stimulating range of experiences which inspire pupils to learn.