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Exclusion Arrangements

We take very seriously our deep rooted values of high levels of respect towards each other. Our behaviour systems are based on impeccable behaviour which are made clear to all pupils and their parents,

We will work with a pupil and their families to understand the strict school boundaries and take steps to guide and coach those who find it difficult.


We use a positive behavioural approach based on the principles of restorative justice. If a pupil is unable to cope with life in the classroom they will be offered an alternative learning space through choice. Sometimes we have to remove pupils from the wider groups which we do through the provision of an alternative internal exclusion space. In this space they will have an adult who will try to understand the nature of their difficulty. We will also at this point involve other agencies for support and advice.


We use exclusion as a very final step following a series of well documented instances of disruptive behaviour such as: fighting, attacks on pupils and staff, foul targeted language, sexual acts, possession of illegal substances or weapons and systematic bullying. The Principal makes the decision to exclude and writes to parents explaining the reasons.


A period of fixed term exclusion is between 2 and 5 days which gives the pupil time to reflect on what has happened and the family to support the school is guiding change in their child. We will endeavour to work closely with Hertfordshire Local Authority Services for any child under threat of inclusion.


Sometimes a change of setting is required and we then work closely with authorities to secure a managed move to give a pupil a fresh start.


The final and very rare occurrence is permanent exclusion.


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