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Home Learning

Summer 2 

13 July 2020 till 17 July 2020 

Maths:  Oak Academy Week 9 (22 June)

Literacy: Oak Academy Week 9 (22 June) 

Theme: Oak Academy Week 9  (22 June) 

PSHE: Oak Academy Week 9 (22 June)

Science: On website

Summer 2 

6 July 2020 till 10 July 2020 

Maths:  Oak Academy Week 8 (15 June)

Literacy: Oak Academy Week 8 (15 June) 

Theme: Oak Academy Week 7  (8 June) 

Science: On website 

Summer 2 

29 June 2020 till 3 July 2020 

Maths:  Oak Academy Week 7 (8 June)

Literacy: Oak Academy Week 7 (8 June) 

Theme: Oak Academy Week 6 (1 June) 

Science: On website 


Please see Links and information below smiley

Summer 2 

22 June till 26 June 2020 


Please see the individual subject folders for assignments and activities from Oak Academy.



Summer 2 

15 June 2020 till 19 June 

This week the work will be set out a little differently.

There will be a link in some of the subjects and you will go to week 4 of the website work smiley


We would like to offer the children the opportunity to use Oak National Academy at home. This will replace the work that we have been setting on the website in the hope that this might help to re-engage children with their learning for the last few weeks of term.


The lessons include short instructional videos followed by quizzes to check understanding and further independent activities.


Please have a look at these online and familiarise yourself with how they work. Children are not required to print anything out; a teacher leads the lesson and the video can be paused whenever needed.

Summer 2 

Week 2 

8 June 2020 till 12 June 2020


Week one 

2 June till 5 June 2020 smiley