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Mathematical Reasoning

Mathematical Reasoning In Action

I had my first opportunity of attending a learning walk last week to allow me to understand more about how maths is taught in Jupiter. I was really looking forward to seeing the learning in action first hand and being able to get an opportunity to talk to the children about their work. Mrs Hobson, who had arranged the walk, first gave us an overview to explain what strategies have been implemented to support the focus on mathematical reasoning including curious questioning techniques. It was fascinating to gain insight on how the focus on mathematical reasoning was driving an improvement in the learning outcomes of the children by helping them to understand the concepts better.


Following this overview session we had an opportunity to see the maths lessons being taught across all year groups. We started with the reception year and moved up to year two. I was blown away by the confidence the children had when talking to me and how well they explained what they were doing. During the year 2 maths lesson I was amazed with the vocabulary being used to accurately describe 3d shapes with the terms vertices, edges and faces being used perfectly. What I found most interesting was listening to the children explain how they were tackling the questions and how different children were employing different methods based on their preference or thought process.


In every classroom we went into there was a really positive atmosphere and it was great  to see how children were interacting with each other to discuss the questions and help each other. I really enjoyed being able to step into the classroom and gain insight into the learning via my discussions with the children. I look forward to my next visit J  


Kristian North Chair of Local Governing Body