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Jupiter Primary School

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Oracy at Jupiter Primary School

Our Vision for Oracy at Jupiter Primary School


Every voice is valued at Jupiter, where we create an environment where all pupils share thoughts, feelings and ideas. Children are willing and enthusiastic when sharing their ideas across the curriculum. They have opportunities to develop knowledge and vocabulary and to discuss their own and others’ ideas. Children confidently and respectfully challenge others’ ideas, with this modelled by the teacher. All staff adopt an inclusive approach so it not only the most eager to contribute who are heard. ‘Think, Pair, Share’ is a strategy used throughout the school to ensure every child has the opportunity to share their ideas both with classmates and their teacher.


Teachers at Jupiter set high expectations for oracy, modelling and challenging vocabulary and language and providing opportunities for children to meet those high expectations. Speaking and listening in school underpins day to day life, including in the creation of meaningful relationships.

Language rich classrooms foster all aspects of language for all children, with teachers providing resources to support students, including prompts and pre-teaching, giving them full access to the curriculum. Teachers provide the tools and models for oracy so that pupils can take ownership of their own learning journey. Pupils are engaged with dialogue, with both teachers and peers, to articulate, justify and expand their ideas. All children can talk confidently about their learning and Learning Ambassadors in each class confidently explain to visitors what the class are learning.

Staff have a strong understanding of what constitutes good oracy within their lessons and create opportunities to develop this over time.


A programme of oracy activities is an integral part of the curriculum, weaving in and out of every subject and topic, deepening and enhancing pupils’ knowledge and understanding. Opportunities are provided for children to debate and discuss a variety of big ideas and questions, often with a philosophical slant. Teachers create opportunities to upskill pupils to be better speakers and listeners, for example how to project their voice, build an argument or take turns. Teachers evaluate pupils’ progress in oracy and use it to inform their teaching. Pupils receive feedback from staff and peers and use this to improve their own skills. Staff recognise and praise progress in oracy.

Our Oracy Curriculum


While not a separate subject in itself here at Jupiter, oracy activities can be identified in all other areas of the curriculum, as it forms a strong element of our pedagogical approach. We recognise its value to our children both now and in their futures and so seek opportunities wherever possible to develop their skills. Specific skills progression can be found within our English curriculum.