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STEAM Week 15/6/20

This week should have been our STEAM Week (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths) in school.  On Tuesday we would have been taking part in the Great Science Share for Schools, an event where children across the country share their amazing work in Science.  There has been a lot of great science going on at home and we have loved seeing all your pictures on our Facebook page.   Below are a range of activities that you can have a go at this week. 


Please take photos or videos of any science investigations that you take part in, to share with others.


As part of the Great Science Share, the children can learn the Great Science Groove - a song and dance to celebrate science.  Follow the link to watch the YouTube video of the dance. - you just need to add a few details to register - link to learning the song and dance to celebrate The Great Science Share for Schools.