Our next Open Days will be in Autumn 2022. Please contact the school office to book a visit to the school.

Jupiter Primary School

...for a better future

Our Ethos, Vision and Values

Our Ethos shapes our provision and a large part of that is our Growth Mindset Ethos, which encourages our children to aim high, embrace challenge and believe in themselves. In September 2021, with the arrival of a new headteacher, the Jupiter community considered what we wanted our school to become in the next phase of its development. This led to our vision, which can be found below. In addition, each subject leader has considered the vision for their subject in the school and these can be found in the Curriculum section of the website. This vision led to the creation of our School Development Plan Priorities for this year, which are also below.


Our whole school community also reviewed the core values we wished to focus on in this rapidly changing world. These values are at the heart of all we do and enhance our nurturing ethos, which focuses on developing a growth mindset and the other qualities we believe our pupils will need to be successful in both their current and future lives. Our values are:

    • Respect
    • Resilience
    • Responsibility
    • Kindness
    • Aspiration
    • Curiosity

      Our Vision for Jupiter Primary School


      A happy and positive staff team work collaboratively, communicating and supporting each other effectively at all levels in order to meet each child’s needs. High quality CPD motivates staff, keeps ideas fresh and ensures the school stays in touch with the latest ideas and developments in education. Consistent approaches to teaching and learning, along with high quality monitoring and feedback by leaders, prove effective in ensuring high standards are maintained throughout the school. Subject leaders continually improve provision in their subjects, monitoring, supporting, challenging and leading effectively.


      A clean, well-organised, attractive school environment with extensive grounds is used effectively to offer pupils a broad, exciting, engaging curriculum. A wide range of ‘wow’ days, visits and enterprise activities hook them in to their learning. A focus on hands-on, practical activities, both indoors and out, provides memorable, fun learning which enthuses those of all ages. At playtimes, children are engaged in structured play, having access to a wealth of resources and being enthused to participate by their peer Play Leaders.


      Accurate, regular assessment ensures that all children have access to experiences which challenge them to achieve high standards. High quality resources for all curriculum areas support them as they learn and children take responsibility for caring for their equipment and environment. Children participate in a wide range of sporting activities, including competitively. They show skill, resilience and good sportsmanship throughout. The school community is environmentally conscious and much is done to promote sustainable living, including recycling of a variety of waste, including food.


      Children behave well, both inside and outside of the classroom, conducting themselves in a calm, courteous manner and showing respect and kindness to all others. Older pupils take on additional responsibilities, supporting younger pupils and the wider school community in a variety of ways. Consistent use of the STEPS approach to behaviour encourages intrinsic motivation and reflection. Pupils demonstrate a growth mindset and a commitment to their learning at all times and in all situations. In the classroom, they lead their own learning, taking responsibility for their own learning behaviour and progress alongside their teachers to ensure they achieve the highest possible academic standards. Success takes a wide range of forms and is celebrated across the school and beyond in a variety of ways.


      Parents engage effectively with the school and work with staff at all levels to enhance the experience for their children. They are supported with a range of workshops and resources. They support a wide range of fundraising activities in order to improve the provision of resources and enjoy participating in a wide range of school activities. Vulnerable families are supported financially, academically and pastorally in order to close the gap in attainment and offer equal opportunities to all.

      School Development Priority targets



      Key Priority One: Further Develop the Effectiveness of Jupiter School leaders at all levels

      1. Clarify the roles and responsibilities of school leaders and staff at all levels.
      2. Develop the role, effectiveness and impact of leaders across the school.
      3. Develop the role, effectiveness and impact of subject leaders.


      Key Priority Two: Ensure Curriculum Intent, Implementation and Impact are of a high quality

      1. Identify shared vision and values to underpin the curriculum.
      2. Identify curriculum Intent, in line with government requirements, to meet the needs of Jupiter pupils.
      3. Ensure effective and consistent Implementation of the curriculum.
      4. Build in ‘memorable moments’ to enhance children’s experience of the curriculum.
      5. Monitor Impact of curriculum and suggest necessary revisions.
      6. Explore a programme of philosophy for children.


      Key Priority Three: Improve Outcomes in English

      1. Create a climate in which all pupils can thrive and are given work well matched to their needs.
      2. Raise standards of achievement in Reading, including Phonics.
      3. Raise standards of achievement in Writing.
      4. Close the gap in English outcomes for disadvantaged pupils and those who have fallen behind.