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Jupiter Community Free School

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Phonics at JCFS

At Jupiter, our vision for all children is for them to experience ‘life in all its fullness’. In order to enable our children to access and engage effectively with the world around them, we must teach them the skills necessary to be a good reader. A key aspect of being able to read the words on a page is decoding the sounds made by the letters of the alphabet. In order to build secure blending and segmenting skills, children must be fully immersed in a strong foundation of early-phonics in their early years (Reception) and experience an effectively taught synthetics phonics curriculum in their Reception year and Year 1.

Phonics sessions are taught daily at Jupiter Community Free School from the beginning of Foundation Stage to the end of Year 2, following the Letters and Sounds Scheme of work. Phonics is taught in a variety of ways, including high quality modelling of sounding out, decoding, segmenting and blending strategies. Interactive resources and games are used and children are given the opportunity to rehearse sounds verbally and record them in written work. Phonics sessions are structured to build on previous learning and introduce new phonics skills and subject knowledge. Sessions often follow the revisit/review, teach, practise and apply model. Sessions are planned to include opportunities for development of speaking and listening, reading and writing.