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Early Years Foundation Stage

The children in these classes are in the Reception Year of the Early Years Foundation Stage which builds on the experiences they had in nursery.


You can contact the Reception teachers by emailing:

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Badgers, Rabbits and Hedgehogs will be adding regular updates about their learning to this page. Enjoy!

Today Hedgehogs talked about expeditions, and drew pictures of where we would love to explore!



Sports day

Wow what an amazing morning! Thank you all so much for attending and making it such a fantastic event. The children really showed off their competitive sides and their respect for one another by supporting their friends during their races.


Well done everyone!


A lovely week spent learning all about planes. We looked at who create the first planes as well as making our own.

6.6.19      Outdoor learning week


What an amazing week we have been having!

We have taken all our learning outside for the week and been having a ball, even in the rain on Tuesday.

We have designed and built dens for ourselves and animals, spoken about how to be safe around a fire, made our own mini fires, cooked warm apple juice potions and made our own t-shirt designs by hammering natural materials.

We also enjoyed our maths and literacy outside which has been great fun.


The school nurses came to visit us today to speak about the importance of keeping out teeth clean and healthy.

We spoke about foods which are good for our teeth and full of calcium, and foods which can cause cavities.
We mimed brushing out teeth for 2 whole minutes and it was a long tiring time, the nurses suggested popping on our favourite song to brush our teeth to, so the time feels shorter.


In science we have been looking at materials. So far we have looked at what materials the objects around the school are made of.
This week we have started thinking about whether these materials have any effect on if an object floats or sinks.


For example today we noticed that a real coin sinks while a plastic coin floats!

We also discovered that its not just the material that causes an object to float or sink, we tested two different shaped Duplo blocks, one floated whilst the other sank.



Well done Badgers on your fantastic assembly today. What great singing and confidence your showed today (even though some of you were feeling a little shy).



Wow some fantastic mathematicians we have in reception!


Today we were counting in 2's using coins, the children were able to do this mostly unsupported and remembered the sequence of the numbers.


We will be doing a similar activity next week but looking at counting in 5's, we cant wait to see how  they take to it.


The children have done some fantastic pieces of writing about the trip to the farm. It has been fantastic to see how far their skills in phonics have developed. They were able to write what they enjoyed and explained why.



Trip to the farm


What a wonderful day we have had at mead open farm today. The children were impeccably behaved and got involved in everything we did. I hope they enjoyed themselves as much as us adults. Keep an eye out for photos of the trip on tapestry and the class photo galleries. (bare with us while we find time to upload them all)


The last two weeks of term in our literacy learning we have and will be focusing on the book 'I will not ever never eat a tomato'. So far we have tasted some different fruits, writing about which ones we liked or disliked. Become the main character Lola and explained why we wouldn't eat certain foods, and written our own shopping lists of foods we would buy at the supermarket. Next week we will even be writing our own versions of the story!

26.3.19 We have our first chick!

Still image for this video


This week our focus Nursery rhyme has been little miss Muffet.

We used out baking skills to make Lemon curd tarts.

First we measured ingredients, then we combined them and shaped the dough. We then cooked them in the oven. Once they were cooled we added a dollop of lemon curd to the top and got to eat them as a snack.


In hedgehogs class we even had a discussion about and made an alternate recipe to make sure we were mindful of allergies within the class.


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3


We have had a great time celebrating world book day. Your potatoes have been fantastic and the costumes were great.


We were able to take part in a story work shop where we got to act out new endings to traditional stories, we have had a great time.

World book day


We were fortunate enough to have time to enjoy the snow from this week. The children used it to make snow castles, play with arctic animals and explore its properties.


Today during Curiosity afternoon Badgers class made a fire! We learnt different ways to start a fire and make a small camp fire where we cook bananas. We tested the difference between baked and raw bananas. 

Picture 1
Picture 2


After reading the story "Whatever Next!" Rabbits class have made spacesuits so some of the teddies in their classroom can go to the moon. 


As you can guess we have been busy with play practices, which culminated in our Christmas performances this week.

The children were great (particularly in the grandparents performance) and we are so proud of them.

Thank you for supporting them with this, we hope you enjoyed watching. 

One week left till Christmas. :) 


This month Badgers, Hedgehogs and Rabbits are making bird feeders. We went to our Outdoor Learning area and thought about the animals that live there. Then we made bird feeders to help them have a healthy meal and prepare for winter, this way we become 'People Who Help Animals'. This is linked to our theme learning 'People Who Help Us'. The children loved getting their hands messy mixing lard, seeds and orange juice to them stuffed half an orange.

So far Rabbits and Badgers have created some lovely feeders, next week will be Hedgehogs turn!

Picture 1
Picture 2


The children were visited by the Fire Service today. They were shown the equipment the Firefighters use when entering a burning building. The firemen explained that a breathing mask is used as the fire and smoke can make it difficult to breathe. The firemen asked the children to check their homes for smoke detectors and reminded them that if they don't have any in their homes that their adults can contact them and they will come and fit some free of charge. The children were super excited as they were all given a chance to use the hose to spray some water.

Thank you to the Fire Service for giving up some of their time to come and talk to the children.


Rabbits and Hedgehogs took part in a Computing lesson this afternoon. They worked in pairs on the laptops using a program called '2Paint A Picture' to create paintings of themselves. The children thought carefully about their colour choices and also begun the learning journey of how to use a track pad to control the laptop. They very quickly discovered this is very different to using your finger on an iPad screen which most of the children are used to doing! Well done Rabbits and Hedgehogs for showing great perseverance during your lessons :) 


In Music this half term we have been learning the names and sounds of a range of musical instruments. We have also been learning about rhythm by finding the beat of songs as we sing them. We have got very good at marching to 'The Grand Old Duke of York'!


Thank you for the natural autumn items, we have been using them throughout our learning and play this week.

They have been rolled, counted, "cooked", put into patterns and so much more.

More fun to come next week.



This week we are looking at money!

We have looked at the different coins and their names.

If you go shopping it would be great for your child to try and help you give the right change. (providing you have it!) 



This week in our phonics sessions we took part in now press play session. We wore headphones and acted out a story as it was played. The story we became part of this week was Goldilocks. We played the part of baby bear and of Goldilocks. 

It was fantastic fun, and we are looking forward to our next now press play session.



In our curiosity sessions we have made faces on the trees using natural resources, we have explored how to use remote control cars with accuracy and we have discussed the different parts of our body and how these  differ to animal bodies. 



In literacy we have been looking at the book ‘Where the wild things are’. So far we have found out that wild things eat words starting or containing the ‘s’ or ‘a’ sounds. In hedgehogs that meant most of us would get eaten if we ever met a wild thing!



Its been a fantastic first week back and the children have really taken a full week of school in there stride.

There have been a few tears but on the whole we thank you for supporting your child to become more independent.

We've been practicing writing our names, and learnt about some 2D shapes.

We will add some photos once we have been able to review all of your intake forms to ensure we are following your wishes.

Don't forget to check the home learning tab for your homework bingo.

Have a good weekend. See you back on Monday morning.



Welcome to Reception Blog page! Here you can find interesting moments that have happened during the week in all our reception classes.

This week we have enjoyed coming to visit you in your homes. Thank you for your hospitality. We will see you on Monday at 9.00 a.m. 

Reception Team :)