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Jupiter Community Free School

...for a better future

School Staff

JCFS Staffing 2020-2021

Senior Leadership Team

John Dibdin – Executive Head

Lucie Waggeh - Acting Head of School

Katie Gillingham - KS1 Lead & Acting Assistant Principal

Clare Burton - KS2 Lead & Acting Assistant Principal

Nicky Sanders - EYFS Lead

Sinead Walsh – SENCo (Maternity Cover)

Sophie Wadmore – Project Leader (Learning Environments & Quality of Education)

Claire Walker– School Business Manager

Tracey Crute-Mussell – Assistant Principal (Inclusion) & SENCo (Maternity Leave)


EYFS Teachers

Isabel Pesquera – Badgers Teacher (YR)

Nicky Sanders – Hedgehogs Teacher (YR)

Robert Lacey – Rabbits Teacher (YR)


KS1 Team

Sydney Young - Deer Teacher (Y1)

Jody Waters – Seals Teacher (Y1)

Abbie Gurney– Foxes Teacher (Y1)

Kirsten Bonnick/Karen Albon– Puffins Teacher (Y2)

Katie Gillingham– Owls Teacher (Y2)


KS2 Team

Maddie Gray – Swans Teacher (Y3)

Stella Karkanevatou – Ducks Teacher (Y3)

Mark McKew– Kingfishers Teacher (Y4)

Sophie Wadmore– Woodpeckers Teacher (Y4)

Natasha Barnett - Pine Martens Teacher (Y5)

Kirsty McIntosh- Otters Teacher (Y5)

Claire Gaze - Wildcats Teacher (Y6)

Clare Burton - Eagles Teacher (Y6)


LSP Team
Dee Baker - Learning Support Practitioner/Admin

Claire Berry - Learning Support Practitioner

Michelle Brown – Learning Support Practitioner

Natalia Kochman – Learning Support Practitioner

Paula Sutherland – Learning Support Practitioner

Stacey Cox – Learning Support Practitioner

Dee Baker – Learning Support Practitioner

Amy Sharp – Learning Support Practitioner

Ria Perry – Learning Support Practitioner 

Kaye Gurney - Learning Support Practitioner/MSA

Nawel Boudries – Learning Support Practitioner

Vicky Bennett – Learning Support Practitioner/HLTA

Colleen Orton - Learning Support Practitioner

Allison Hewitt - Learning Support Practitioner/HLTA


Inclusion Team

Sinead Walsh – SENCo (covering Maternity Leave) 

Emma Singfield - Learning Support Practitioner/HLTA

Corina Crisu - 1:1 Learning Support Practitioner

Tammie Bolton - 1:1 Learning Support Practitioner

Denise Cooper - 1:1 Learning Support Practitioner

Jodie Horn - 1:1 Learning Support Practitioner

Dee Baker - Inclusion Admin



Administrative Staff

Anna Spevack - Office Manager

Kirsty Fletcher - Admin Assistant

Lucie Cross – Admin Assistant

Dave Murray  - Senior Site Manager

Sarah Neale - Finance Officer

Janine Davies - House Keeper/MSA

Sarah Goddard - MSA