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Jupiter Primary School

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Spring Term Two


Phase 3 sounds: ear, air, ure

Phase 3 Sounds Recap: j, v, w, x, y, z, zz, qu, ch, sh, ng, th, ai, ee, igh, oa,

HF and Tricky Words: he, she, we, me, be, was, you , they, all, are, my, her, will, that, this, then, them, with, see, for, now, down, look, too.

Blending and Segmenting Words: Identifying digraphs and trigraphs within words

Write sentences with varying opening and using connectives

On a Friday, the children’s Literacy lesson will take the format of a Big Phonics and Big Write session. This is where the children recap their phonics learning in a quick paced, interactive activity and then complete a piece of independent writing.



Every day the children take part in a 30 minute Maths lesson where they will be developing the following skills:

Strand 2 Knowing and using number facts

Observe number relationships and patterns in the environment and use to derive facts.

Find one more or one less than a number from 1 to 10.

Strand 3 Calculating

In practical activities and discussion begin to use the vocabulary involved in adding and subtracting.

Count repeated groups of the same size.

Strand 4 Understanding Shape

Use language such as ‘circle’ or ‘bigger’ to describe shape and size of solids and flat shapes.

Sort familiar objects to identify their similarities and differences.

Strand 5 Measuring (capacity)

Measuring capacity of liquids and dry materials.

Strand 5 Measuring (Weight)

Use language such as ‘heavier’ or ‘lighter’ to compare quantities.

Strand 6 Handling Data

Count how many objects share a particular property, presenting results, using pictures, drawings or numerals.

On a Thursday, the children’s Maths lesson will take the format of a Big Maths session. This is a brisk pace activity that aims to recap their mathematical learning so far and improve their mental arithmetic skills.



On Wednesdays The children will be learning about how to create their own sounds by using their voices in different ways and by using instruments. They will also be learning a few songs so that they can carry out a Mother’s Day performance.



In Hedgehogs we will be doing PE every Monday. Please ensure your child comes to school with all jewellery removed and their hair tied back if it is longer than shoulder length. This half term

the children will be taking part in Gym lessons where they will explore how to move their bodies safely in different ways using equipment.



Every half term the children look closely at a value to develop some of their behaviour traits. In this half term our value is pride. These values will be discussed in their PSE lessons.



Theme lessons are taught in the afternoons. The children's Literacy and Maths learning continues but mostly the children will complete learning from four main areas:

Communication and Language

Understanding the world - (Geography, History, Science and Technology)

Expressive Arts and Design

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

This half term the theme will be Transport. During theme learning sessions the children will explore activities around different main of transport. They will be sorting trains by old and new, creating a time line for cars, finding out who made the first plane and creating models of transports.



The children will be taking part in a half an hour Spanish learning lesson every Wednesday. Over the course of this half term the children will be learning about family and body parts.


La madre - Mamá (mum), El padre - Papá (dad), El hermano (brother), La hermana (sister), La abuela (grandma), El abuelo (Grandpa)

Partes del cuerpo:

La cabeza (head), La orejas (ears), La boca (mouth), La nariz (nose), Los brazos (arms), Las manos (hands), Las piernas (legs), Los pies (feet)



Every week the children will be taking part in a half an hour RE lesson. This half term the children will be learning about the Christian festival of Easter. They will learn about the Easter story and some of the key people from this time.


Curiosity Afternoon

Every Tuesday afternoon the children take part in activities that will improve their scientific inquiry and investigation skills. The children will carry out activities such as investigating the forces of push and pull, drag and drop skills when using a mouse and also typing skills when using a keyboard. They will also begin to look at colour mixing and learn about primary and secondary colours.