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Jupiter Primary School

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Use of Sports Funding

Use of Primary School Sports Funding at Jupiter Primary School:


The government has ring fenced funding to improve the provision of PE and sport in primary schools. The money has been provided by the Departments of Health, Education and Culture, Media and Sport.


Within our PE and Sports curriculum and through the use of this funding we aim to:


  • Place physical activity and well-being at the heart of the school’s avlues and vision;
  • Deliver the new National Curriculum for PE and sport effectively;
  • Improve teaching resources so that teachers can offer a more productive, inclusive and broader PE curriculum;
  • Deliver swimming lessons from Year 3 onwards so that children can successfully swim twenty-five metres by the end of the Key Stage Two;
  • Support children to become sport ambassadors , so that they can take responsibility for aspects of PE within the school;
  • Increase the range of opportunities for children to compete in local school and inter- house competitions;
  • Broaden the range of sport provided throughout the curriculum and in after school clubs;
  • Increase the profile of the school’s sporting activities and achievements. 

Expected outcomes

  • Physical activity and well-being are at the heart of the school’s work;
  • Planned investment leads to sustained improvements to the teaching of PE across the school so that we do not have to rely on extract funding in the future;
  • The school is well resourced to provide physical education for all children;
  • The development and implementation of a varied, stimulating, inclusive and highly effective PE curriculum which has been created in response to the wishes of all interested parties;
  • Children can swim twenty-five metres by the end of Key Stage Two;
  • Children are responsible in developing PE across the school. They work effectively with the younger children and deliver activities for them;
  • The children’s exposure to competitive sport is greatly increased and they can rise to the challenge this can present;
  • Everyone who is involved with the school is well informed as to the sporting progress made by the children.

What this will look like

  • We will review the documents that show how we approach PE and sport to link it to healthy lifestyles and well being;
  • Consult with children, parents/carers and staff regarding their opinion on the direction Physical Education should take;
  • The teaching staff will be provided with a wide range of teaching resources and Continued Professional Development to support their teaching of PE in line with the new curriculum;
  • New equipment, technology and resources will be purchased to help implement and support the teaching of the new PE curriculum;
  • Specialist coaches will be brought in each aspect of the PE provision which will be identified in consultation with parents/carers, teachers and children to meet the needs of our new, improved PE curriculum;
  • Children in Key Stage Two will be taught how to swim during their time in Key Stage Two;
  • Children will be trained as ambassadors to give them a responsibility in developing PE across the school. They will also have opportunities to work with the younger children and deliver activities for them;
  • Children will compete in a variety of sports against local schools, as well as inter-house competitions;
  • A specific area on the school’s website will be dedicated to events and activities that the children take part in especially video sharing.