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UPDATED 17.04.2020

The BBC have updated their website to include learning aimed at particular year groups, with daily lessons on many different subjects. This can be found at:



Other useful websites include:  - daily content, provided by ’Earth Hour’ WWF Code Break – teaching coding and computing science. BBC bitesize range of activities Maths Mastery online coding website A wonderful website full of stories aimed at children of all ages, read aloud by actors. Much loved in class! Lots of ‘brain breaks’, educational movement videos, and calming videos. Sign up required – but free. Yoga for children and adults alike. Maths games Multiplication practice Educational games BBC school radio - lots of interesting programs


PE with Joe -  daily PE lesson on Monday-Friday 9am.


The website Twinkl have produced an offer extended to all teaching staff, parents and carers during this time. It is a month free of their ‘Ultimate’ package. I am imagining that it will be extended if schools  remain closed after this period of time – but we simply do not know! You are able to download all the work there, sometimes you might find going younger or older with the topics offered can still be suitable depending on the task! Once you have downloaded something, it stays on your laptop/computer until you delete it, so might be a good idea to put lots in a folder before the month expires!


Setting this up is really easy to do - go to and enter the code UKTWINKLHELPS