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Year 1

Year One

Key Stage One

The children in these classes are in the first year of the National Curriculum Key Stage One Programme of Study which covers a two year period.


You can contact the Year One teachers by emailing:

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Mountfitchet Castle- What an amazing day we all had! The children loved exploring and experiencing the different forms of imprisonment, we even managed to get a group of children into the prison. They all enjoyed trying on the various clothes and putting themselves in the stocks. We all thoroughly enjoyed launching the catapult- the children loved getting all the children wet, especially Mr Jones! We were all exhausted after an outstanding trip- some even fell asleep on the coach.

Week beginning 17th June 2019- This week in Literacy, we have been creating our own guides on a pet of our choice. The children have been exploring the different elements of an information booklet and have enjoyed creating their own.

In Maths, the children have been exploring the different ways to use hundred squares for addition and subtraction calculations. We have been focusing on how to add and subtract 10 by jumping up and down. We have also been using hundred squares to cross the 10's barrier.

In Theme, the children have loved making their own castles out of junk modelling. Next week we will be painting the castles. We are all really looking forward to our trip!

In Science, the children have enjoyed gardening in our outdoor area. We have planted a variety of plants and we are looking forward to watching them grow!

TRIP TO GADEBRIDGE PARK! We all had a fanastic time posting our letters and a trip to the park. Please make sure to keep an eye out for your letters coming in the next day or two. We all had a fabulous time in the sunshine. What an amazing half term it has been! Enjoy the rest and see you for the final half term of the year!

Week beginning 13th May 2019


This week, in Maths we have challenged ourselves with some tricky addition and subtraction calculations. We even were doing calculations up to 100 but we had to watch for the change in signs and not add when we should be subtracting!

This week, in Literacy we have created a story map of an adaptation of 'Lost and Found'. We then created a storyboard for our own stories and wrote them. To challenge ourselves we have been working on editing our own work to ensure it is the best!

This week, in Theme we have been exploring the different rivers in the United Kingdom and how the water gets from the source to the sea. We then wrote instructions on how to keep safe by rivers using our bossy verbs.


Reminder- Next week is walk to school week! The car park will be closed so please park further away and walk in. Please be courteous of local residence when parking. We look forward to the children earning stickers for walking each day! 




Week beginning 6th May 2019


Wow what an exciting week it has been!


This week in Maths, the children have been exploring capacity. The week started with the children estimating how many objects can fit into different containers. They all thoroughly enjoyed this activity! Then the children moved onto ordering containers from empty to full. Finally, the children began to measure capacity using litres.


This week in Literacy, the children have continued to develop their understanding of the story ' Lost and Found'. They have enjoyed learning all about similes and how to combine sentences using the conjunction but.


This week in Theme, the children enjoyed researching the different mountains in Great Britain. They created brochures to advice mountain walkers of equipment they would need and how to keep safe!

Week beginning 29th April 2019


This week, in Literacy we have been reading some more of our story 'Lost and Found'. The children have been researching animals to find facts. They have created Lost and Found posters including their facts about their chosen animal.


This week, in Maths we have been exploring the meaning of a quarter. The children have been finding a quarter of an amount by sharing it between four sharing circles.


This week, in Theme we have been investigating London and its different landmarks. The children created some fantastic postcards pretending they went on a trip to London.






Hello, welcome back to the Summer Term. We hope you all had a restful break and like us are looking forward to the term ahead. Hoping for some more sunshine!

This term our Theme is We are Britain. We are looking at the different countries that make up Great Britain and there flags and capital cities.

We have started a new book called 'Lost and Found' by Oliver Jeffers and are looking forward to exploring the different concepts of the book.

Year One Team.


Last week of the Spring Term!

We cannot believe how quickly this term has gone- the children have made fantastic progress and we are feeling proud of every single child.

This week, in Maths we have been learning how to tell the time. The children have been using clocks to learn o'clock and half past.

In Literacy, the children have created wonderful pamphlets on how to look after the world using 'bossy' verbs.

In Theme, the children have made some fabulous Easter baskets and Easter cards!


We are looking forward to the Summer Term- have a fantastic break!

As part of our theme learning we have learnt about Isambard Kingdom Brunel - we created our own collage of his portrait, I'm sure you'll agree they are impressive!


Why not ask your child what he was famous for, lets see if the can remember!



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ALL ABOUT SPACE- This week we had the pleasure of being joined by four student teachers from the university of Hertfordshire, they came to deliver an enrichment week all about space as part of their PGCE. On Wednesday and Thursday the children had a fantastic time creating and learning all about space. This culminated in a fabulous assembly today lead by the students, with minimal practise.

WORLD BOOK DAY! We have all had a fabulous day celebrating World Book Day. Here are some photos of just one of the great activities we have enjoyed. These photos are from our book swap. Photos of the fantastic costumes will be on the next newsletter. Thank you for all the fabulous costumes, potatoes and books!

Today we had a very helpful lady come in and talk to us all about keeping safe when using technology!

We found out that the best way to keep safe online is to keep all our personal information locked down and to not tell anyone our names, our age, our address or even the school we go to!

We also talked about the fact that some games available online  were not appropriate for school aged children. It was a very interesting assembly!

The last week of January. Both the children and teachers enjoyed exploring the snow on Wednesday! This week, in Maths we have been exploring the properties of 3D shapes and sorting them into Venn diagrams. In Literacy, we have been answering questions about the Alien using wonderful adjectives. We have also been exploring rhyming words- creating our own poems! We have all had a wonderful week!

Diffrent ways to ask your children how their day was ...

Diffrent ways to ask your children how their day was ... 1

14th - 17th January 2019

This week in Maths we have looked at patterns in number and looked at odd and even numbers. We have also looked at continuing a pattern in both number and shape.

In literacy we have been exploring our new book 'The Odd Egg' The children have loved describing different bird eggs and have created their own information text about them.

In theme we have been exploring different weather and the seasons, they all thoroughly enjoyed making a season tree. 

Welcome Back !!

Please find the Autumn Homework in the homework folder.

Just a friendly reminder to bring in all PE Kits and water bottles and continue with the great reading and extra work you are doing at home.

Have a great week !!

Year 1 teachers

Merry Christmas to all the Year 1 children and family's. Thank you all for another great, productive term. We hope that you all have an amazing, fun filled holiday with your family's and friends. We have attached some holiday homework in the homework folder. Keep well !!! Regards all the Year 1 teachers

Merry Christmas to all the Year 1 children and family's. Thank you all for another great, productive term. We hope that you all have an amazing, fun filled holiday with your family's and friends. We have attached some holiday homework in the homework folder. Keep well !!! Regards all the Year 1 teachers  1

So, we found out tonight just how engaged our parents are. A desire to support their children brought a very large crowd to our hall to learn about phonics from their children’s teachers.Learning about phonemes, graphemes, digraphs, 5 phases and stretch and ping, there was great enthusiasm and enjoyment. Thank you all for coming and thank you to the teaching team for making it such a valuable experience.

In Maths this week we have been looking at measurement and exploring ways of using measurement. We have begun to use language such as longer, longest, shorter, shortest, taller and tallest. We have also measured using non standard measurements - using our hands as our tool, progressing on to using rulers and units of measure such as CM.

In Literacy we have been concentrating on the structure of sentences, whilst introducing adjectives to our writing all based around the book 'Sydney, Stella and the Moon'.

We have continued with our theme, Hemel Hempstead and have looked at industries that sprang up around the area of Apsley, looking at the paper mill and John Dickenson, the children then had a go at making their own paper. See photo in class pages.

Thank you to all the parents who attended the meeting yesterday. Attached is the powerpoint that was presented. We hope that this meeting was informative and we look forward to a positive year ahead ! 


To All Year 1 Parents 


Please find the medium term plan and homework under the home learning icon.